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Addiction 15 Mar 2019

Hope you are wondering what on earth is displayed in today's picture. Take a moment and make some guesses. It is really a very common object. At least in my life.

My bad habits

There are certainly some bad habits in my life. Procrastination is one of them. Fortunately I am not always lazy. One of the reasons that I postpone actions is my drinking habit. It could have been worse. Alcoholic drinks are not my biggest drinking problem.

an empty coffee cup

It is made from paper.

Recurring similar difficulties on my path?

When I am pressured by others or by myself, I may pursue ideas. Things I desire to realize. And actually I may face regularly the same problem which I am unable to resolve.

That sounds a bit complicated. You are correct. That is why I do not make progress.

Time to restate my problem

If I struggle with a problem that I can not solve, it may help to question what I really want or need. It is useless to try something where I find myself blocked or unproductive. I may wonder if there is something else that I am able to do, which helps me to feel and respond better.

Behaviour caused by issues that I am unable to resolve

As soon as I realize what I actually am unable to resolve, but still trying to resolve, I can choose to stop the attempts and seek a new focus. An end to a deadlock situation.


The picture is an empty coffee cup

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