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Matthew 15:29-31. The Mountain 17 Jun 2023

Mat 15:29 Jesus went on from there
and reached the shores of the Lake of Galilee,
and he went up onto the mountain.
He took his seat,
30 and large crowds came to him bringing the lame,
the crippled, the blind, the dumb and many others;
these they put down at his feet, and he cured them.
31 The crowds were astonished to see the dumb speaking,
the cripples whole again,
the lame walking
and the blind with their sight,
and they praised the God of Israel.

Jesus stayed only short in Sidon. Only one foreigner came for healing of her daughter. Jesus moves to the mountain at the shore of the see of Galilee. Perhaps he had been ministering earlier at that place. Many came. Many got healed.

Now Jesus is in a place where the father HAD sent him. According to Matthew 11:21 not many had repented previously. Still Jesus ministers to the people where he had been sent to. Many new miracles happened. This time, they praised the God of Israel.


Jesus, I praise you for miracles in the present times.

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