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Dreams June 26, 2022

What am I dreaming about? I am already careful to express my dreams. It is easy to criticize the dream of someone. Dreams happen in the realm of dreams. It would be nice if ... and thus dreams are far from a reality. Dreams are easy targets for critics. And yet, that is mean. Dreams deserve respect.


In the bible's book Daniel (Ch2.) Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, had a dream. The king called for the magicians and soothsayers. He was troubled by his dream. And he wished to understand his dream. The called 'experts' could not explain the dream. And now something interesting happened. They began to say: "No one can explain this dream. No other king or ruler would even call for a magician or soothsayer to explain (such) a dream." Thus the magicians and soothsayers became critics. They excused themselves. They blamed the dreamer.

Explaining my Dreams

I do not explain my dreams. Frequently I can't. But I do love the beauty of my dreams. I do love the mystery of my dreams. I would not like to miss my dreams. They are for my good. They are a part of my life. I welcome them.
For I dream of good things. I desire what I dream about. Even if it is not easy to realize my dreams.
I do not need soothsayers. I do not need magicians. I do not need critics. I may however need discernment. Especially discernment how to take next steps in my life.


Jesus, I ask for discernment how to proceed with the things I dream about.

Some footsteps.

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