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I.M. Noticed 30 Jun 2021

At the entrance of a building which you attend regularly, you read a warning: "RADIOACTIVE". What would you do? I guess most people would laugh and just enter that building. It cannot be true.
God did send prophets to Israel. How did Israel respond? They just moved on with their 'sinful' life as if nothing had happened.
I am human too. I do disregard many warnings.

Traffic Rules

Most obvious are perhaps the traffic rules which I consciously or unknowingly ignore. Yes, some rules I transgress knowingly. Sure enough I do have excuses like: "I do not hinder anyone" or "no-one will notice" or "I am in a hurry".
I agree. It sounds cheap.


There are plenty of warnings related to climate change. Yes, I am warned. What am I doing? Amazingly little. Yes, I do have excuses: "It does not help when others will not participate", "I lack knowledge and insight" and "It is hard to use no plastic to wrap my foods".
I agree. It sounds clumsy.

Following Jesus

Are all church members called to follow Jesus? Jesus warned: "It has a high price". How serious are Christians about the notices given in the Bible?
I assume my excuses will not be much different from the excuses found with the "Traffic Rules" and "Environmental": cheap and clumsy.


Jesus, teach me to observe the signs of the time and to obey the Holy Spirit's instructions. Teach me measuring and testing my obedience. So that I may notice.

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