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I.M. Nothing 29 Jun 2021

Nothing to worry about! That sounds great. Actually that is what I desire. Yes or No?


Of course I do not like the haunting thoughts that rob my peace. But ... but ... but, actually they also tell good things about me.
I care for a good result of my upcoming presentation.
I care about my child (miraculously).
I am constantly reminded that I need to repair a few things in my house.

I also might care that my work is not good enough.
I may be concerned about losing my job.
I long for the love of my mother.

It is clear that a little fear, shame or whatever emotion is good. However emotions which are too strong block and hurt me. So I am interested in reducing the beliefs which hinder me.

Show Time

I need to acknowledge thoughts which are mainly hindering me. How do I know? I can become aware of my hidden emotions and hurting thoughts with day by day writing what I feel with specific events and then writing down my annoying bad thoughts. They are typically 'big' distorted statements.
Once I have identified some annoying bad thought about myself, I need to challenge thier validity. With most people it is easy to see that they are behaving far better than the ugly thought about the 'self' they uphold. Such a process of challenging the negative thoughts can be done in role-plays with a coach or friend who understands the process (that might require training and practice).

Miracle Time

Almost always it is possible to challenge the bad beliefs about the self. And as a result the stressful anxieties may leave in an instant. And they may disappear for a long time. It is however unavoidable that they may come back. Therefore a relapse prevention training is needed, where the 'patient' learns him or herself to challenge bad depressing beliefs.

Is the healing process complicated? No, it is not. Is it difficult to master? Yes, it is. For a patient, it requires daily efforts (e.g. 30 minutes) for the time of counseling or growth. People who are willing to make the effort can be helped. Persons who refuse the 'homework' are hard to help. The coach or therapist needs a profound training because there is a great variety of tools known. And the tools need to be used skilfully. Therapists and coaches need to be willing to undergo the process of being counseled themselves as well. You can not teach others what you are yourself unwilling to undergo.

Nothing Impossible

Nothing is impossible for those who believe.
Those methods however do not work with brain 'damages'. Anxieties are normally not brain defects. And they show many beautiful and good things about the patient as well.


Father God I pray for communities and places where more people can be healed from their painful and not needed anxieties. There is nothing in me which is without value.

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