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I.M. Nostalgic 28 Jun 2021

It is in the records. My history. Unfortunately or fortunately the reproduction of my memories is quite imperfect and incomplete. Not every memory is pleasant. I had some inconvenient moments in my life. I may not like to be reminded to them. I would not say that my memories are worthless. It is certain that they are not always reliable or practical.


My reality is in the present time. In the here and now. When I want to deviate from the known and recorded ways, I need to be willing to experiment and to perform work. Just living in the nostalgia (the situation in the past) and the status quo (the situation as it is), is not the most rewarding choice. Even when it is accepting 'my truth' as a certain reality, it is not very hopeful. My reality is pretty worthless, because for sure and in the best case, it will become nostalgia. A lost history or a pleasant memory.


I believe that I should take the inconvenience of taking written records on recent events which bother me. Why should I do that? Because the inconvenience indicates that my thoughts irritate me and because of that may represent a very distorted view. Usually my painful thoughts are far from accurate. As if I want to hurt or accuse myself or some others.
Once I have taken the courage to record my unpleasant thoughts, I am able to evaluate them. And even better, I can develop more healthy insights around my present and near future.


Father God teach me how to find helpful truth in my present life. Holy Spirit feed me with your loving-kindness.

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