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I.M. Normal 27 Jun 2021

When being normal means just being as everyone else, I am lost. I do not know how and what everyone else is. I can not imitate an average of a billion persons.
For me being normal is to trust my life, both in good days and in bad days. I only can be what I am now. Of course that is not an immutable and fixed identity. I can change. I can learn. I may get wounded through aging, accidents, sickness and other circumstances. And on the positive side, I am being built up by a multitude of nice people around me. And not to forget by a God who cares for me.


A normal person does have a variety of experiences, likes, dislikes and emotions. My mood is not always average. Just as the weather is not always average.
I may have bad moments. They pass by. I may have joyful moments. Those too pass by. No normal life is constant and emotionless.
It there is never sadness and disappointment in my life, then there will not be much love and joy as well.


It is important to be sensitive and open to listen to the emotions and feelings of other persons around me. And strange enough that only works effectively when I also practice sharing what I feel. Feelings do like to meet understanding and the feelings of others.


Father God, teach me to listen to all normal emotions. Jesus teach me to share my emotions and feelings with you and others around, and to do so in kind and friendly ways. I want to be known for what I am. I desire to be normal.

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