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I.M. Non-conforming 26 Jun 2021

You might think that the Jews have or had many rules in their law, perhaps some 700. It was not easy to maintain all the rules. When any healthy Jew would see the Dutch book of law, they forever would be happy with just some 700 rules.
We live in a time with so many rules and standards that any sane person desires to reject most of those rules ... for you can't even know about their existence. We are over-ruled. I can't live conforming to all of them.

Simple Life

I desire a simple life. Actually I like to live a in a community with few rules. Life should be dominated by the love for one-another.
I am not the only one. The bible says that all the commandments can be summarized in two:
1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.
2. Equally to that, love your neighbour as yourself.
Just two simple commands. I have to face it: I am non-conforming. It sounds easy. But I fail according to any reasonable test.


Father God, you who gave me the desire to conform to your standards, please send your Holy Spirit to change my heart. I am willing. Even when it takes pain and work. My life belongs to you.

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