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I.M. Noncommittal 25 Jun 2021

Actually I like to have some commitments. It helps me a lot to organize and plan. So that at the date of the commitment I can deliver. That feels pleasant.
Noncommittal does however speak about ambivalence.


I might like to take a certain action because I realize that it would be desirable. At the same time I know that my boss will not easily agree. There is a good chance that my responses in word and deed may be clumsy.

I need to do a job which I dislike. I need to paint a door in my house. I dislike painting. I could hire someone to paint my door. It is however expensive. I postpone my decision. I do not commit to the job.


Often it works just to get started and not to expect perfection. Perfectionism may be an important contribution to noncommittal behaviour.


Father God, teach me to commit to what needs to be done. Jesus protect me against perfectionism.

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