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I.M. Noisy 23 Jun 2021

No-one would be surprised to hear that angels like to be noisy. In heaven communication is easy. On earth it is hard. It is not fair.


I am noisy when I am hurt. I am noisy when I do not feel understood. A part of the turmoil is in my head and heart. Physical noise may be added when I raise my voice or bang a door. There is even more noise. It may be called psychological and spiritual noise.

No Wonder

Anger and pain have loud voices. Even when you can't hear a sound. No wonder that fear is a typical response. And fear in its turn fuels other fires like 'fight or flight'. I simply am prohibited to find wise responses. That could be because of a lack of training and experience.

Feels Good

It feels good when I am noisy. Everyone will see how strong I am. I am totally in control.
It is funny that I would like to be in control and so much miss the mark. Inside my little child suffers.

Value of Noise

Is there a value in all this fuss? Yes there is. Something inside me wants attention. More accurate, something needs attention and does not get it.
Anger seldom gets the attention it deserves. That is perhaps because most people are defensive and reactive.
Sadly anger usually only meets negative attention. Or it is ignored. I am intimidated by the noise.


Father God, help me to listen to angry responses. Even when they come from you. By times even you must feel powerless. And then, you did send your Son. He did stand in the painful time. Jesus, teach me to stand. (Eph 6,12+)

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