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I.M. Noble 22 Jun 2021

Normally a person is noble by birth. The nobility has a task to serve the people. For some human reason it goes together with wealth. I guess there is a good chance that the wealth has been conquered from an enemy. Or perhaps from taxing the people.
Nevertheless it is clear that the nobility also has noble feelings expressed in the care for the poor.


Nothing is perfect on this earth. And first of all, I am among the ones with imperfections. I am however called to nobility. My noble purpose is to love my neighbour and to make known the love of God.
What can I give when I am poor? What can I give as a single person? To live a noble life of generosity, I need to work and pray. I need to grow mature. So that I can care for a few things. A noble life must be a responsible life. I need to use my talents.


Sure enough work is noble. But working to enrich just my own life is void. Working just to survive is painful. I desire a more noble purpose. I can't find that easily in this world.


I do have a heart which can be touched. It is a risk to allow my heart to feel. When I make myself vulnerable I can be disappointed and hurt. And exactly there is the opportunity to show my nobility, my greatness. Some hurt is not my death. Pain can stir up hate. It is as well a birth place of beauty and love. My hurt and compassion calls forth grace and generosity. I always have choices. I can choose life or death.


Father God, please stir up my nobility. I ask for desire and strength to follow Jesus. Holy Spirit, instruct me.

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