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I.M. Nice 21 Jun 2021

What is nice on the picture? The girl or the car? I think they both shine.
What would I do to make myself shining? To make myself appearing better than I really am.


A young woman complained to her psychiatrist, "By times I tell white lies to my friends to cover up for my insecurity and uncertainty. And the worst is that occasionally they discover my lies and then they ridicule me. It feels horrible. I feel totally humiliated, like nothing."


The psychiatrist however was a trainee. And he answered, "You are just fine. You have a lot to offer to your friends." Actually he was trying to lift up her mood. The young psychiatrist was insecure himself as well. He was hiding his insecurity for the patient.


Of course, the young woman did not experience the words of her psychiatrist as true. She did not feel understood. Her experience did not agree with his statements. Actually the psychiatrist displayed the same behaviour as the patient had, but he was unwilling to admit it even. She did not trust him.


I am experienced as nice when I can listen to others and sympathize with what they experience.
The young woman needed someone who could stand a moment with her and her pain. She needed acceptance for what she was at that moment, hurting.


Jesus, I like to thank you for your listening. Holy Spirit, teach me praying in a form where I show understanding for what God feels today.

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