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I.M. Neutral 20 Jun 2021

With emotions in difficult situations persons seldom feel neutral. That would mean feeling nothing. When two of my friends do have a conflict I do not feel neutral. I might be embarrassed, worried, afraid to loose one of them as friend, etc. I am involved. Is their an important difference between feeling neutral and indifferent?


During the first world war from 1914 till 1918, the Netherlands were neutral. With a population of 6 Million people some 1 million Belgian refugees came for a shorter or longer time to the Netherlands. The Dutch Fokker company sold many planes to Germany.
The Netherlands were not involved in the American Vietnam war. Still the Dutch Philips company supplied 'Agent Orange' chemicals to destroy trees. It has affected the health of many Vietnamese civilians (and soldiers).
How neutral was the Netherlands?

My Feelings

What I feel with a conflict around me is seldom neutral. It easily affects me. When I am part of a conflict, of course I am not neutral. I may tell myself, 'I am neutral' or 'I feel indifferent'. Usually I just deceive myself. I do have an opinion. I can relate to what one or both parties feel. And I would love that the conflict could be settled quickly. It is however not easy to settle two angry parties. And therefore I keep quiet and perhaps secretly I profit from the conflict.
It is hard to be neutral.


Father God, I pray for teaching and instruction in conflict-solving in my communities. Jesus, draw me out of mean neutrality.

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