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I.M. Nervous 19 Jun 2021

Something unpleasant is about to happen. I have broken a rule. It might be reason to expect something bad. Fortunately not all my smaller and bigger trespasses are followed by punishments.


A very different situation is when I try to control other persons. Perhaps that is the reverse of the above example. I try to impose my thought or will on someone else.
As expected my friend will feel annoyed and frustrated. Both of us get nervous.


I guess, it is about relating. With a pleasant relationship both parties will feel freedom and respect. We like to connect. Both parties should be able to talk and to listen. That is however not enough. The parties should understand one-another. And the conversation should be satisfactory for both participants.
When tension arises, one or both parties will get nervous. They anticipate an unpleasant ending.


Human beings tend to feel good when they are understood by others. It takes listening and acceptance by a listener.
A listener could be any person or God. It is however needed that the listener can make the talker feeling understood. Typically it needs a response, even when I talk to a God. When I can't hear the voice of God, I may hope all is well. Hearing God (e.g. through the Holy Spirit) may build greater certainty, which may be called faith.


Father God, please talk to me in your love. I desire to be a friend.

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