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I.M. Needed 16 Jun 2021

Would anybody in this world need me? I am not that important. Anybody could do what I am doing. When I am doing nothing, then for sure I am correct. Anybody could do that. All the terrorists in this world should follow my example.


Doing nothing is however not honorable. And I will earn little respect. I will not feel happy.
Thus doing a few things is honorable.


When I do work with as main purpose to get honor, my motive is wrong. People might say, "We don't need you."


I am first of all needed for living my own life. No-one else could do that. When I am manipulated, I am forced to live someone else's life. And I hate it. I need to find the strength to live my own life. For the right purpose.
And what would be that purpose? To be who I am. To seek my hearts desires. My hearts desires are a gift to my communities. And I am needed to care for my inner most being. I need to know who I am. I need to feed who I am. The "I am" is a seed. And I need to water it. Life and God may prune the "I am" by times. That it may bear fruit. It needs to. It desires to.


Father God, my "I am" is needed by me. I want to know my "I am". Teach me how to water my "I am".

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