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I.M. Naughty 15 Jun 2021

Naughty may be attributed to children. The intention may be to attract or distract. The actions coupled to being naughty are unruly and are usually violating some rules. They call forward mixed responses.
My behaviour - whatever it is - causes responses from all the people to whom I relate.


When I struggle with the (repeated) reactions of others to me, I need to realize that usually I myself trigger those responses.
Other people get other responses. Thus perhaps I myself do have at least a serious part in how others react to me.
That does not mean that I am a bad person. I may lack skills. I may have no idea why I get unexpected responses from others. And if I have some idea, I may fail to find meaningful actions to improve the situation.
It needs a lot of practice and failure to learn new behaviour.


For really desired changes, it needs a repeated effort till I get the wanted results. And even after having mastered better behaviour, I may by times fall back in old habits. Being just naughty or smart is certainly not a solution.
Thus the process of learning new relationship skills needs to have a place on my daily agenda. Perhaps a 15 minutes per day to reflect on my responses to practical situations. I need to write on paper. It really helps a lot. I may practice writing better responses to persons around me. While writing I realize that my responses are frequently far from ideal. And with training and practicing I hope to find more wise, friendly and effective responses.


Jesus, teach me to how to practice spiritual growth. Being naughty and smart does not help me.

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