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I.M. Nasty 14 Jun 2021

By times the thoughts about myself are nasty. It even get worse when I think about myself as nasty. Of course, by times I am nasty. I may miss the mark in a conversation. I may hurt or disappoint someone. And either friend or enemy will draw the same conclusion. This William is a nasty person. He always causes troubles. Let him go home.
Let me test it.

Always & True

I know that the 'always' is a grave exaggeration. What they actually think about me might be harder to figure out. Especially when I am afraid of their assumed thoughts, I could inquire.
Sometimes I do cause trouble. And I can live with that. When I did nothing, even that would be nasty. I am willing to make some mistakes. Usually I trust the things which I do or say.


With cases where others experience me as nasty, I do believe and hope that there are better ways to communicate on my side. Some issues could be:
Hold back nasty thoughts more often. There is a time to deal with harder details. But it is important to get started with connecting and doing things.
Listen more actively to others. Showing that I hear what my friends are saying. Expressing how they may feel. That is empathy.
Explaining what I feel or experience myself. Explaining my intentions or interest. Others can only know it when I express myself clear enough.


Holy Spirit, please guide me into building peace and trust with others. Help me to find training opportunities for I want to practice.

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