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I.M. Naive 13 Jun 2021

A person is naive when he is showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. Sure enough, by times I am naive. It is just human.


Things get worse when I am stubborn. I do not listen. I do not take advice. Finally I get angry and blame the world around me.
Yes, you are right. By times I simply do all those things.


I do have the option to deny my naivety. That is the most painful way. It is lonely and I feel miserable. The answer to your unspoken question is, "Yes", I do so once in a while.
Another option is to admit my lack of wisdom and wrong choices. I can smile again.


"William, can you solve this problem?"
"Probably, and I would love to work on it. I however do lack experience and I do not yet have any idea how to do it. Would you have some advice? Perhaps I can report in a couple of days about my progress.


Father God, teach me humility and I beg you for the naivety of a child willing to experiment and learn.

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