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I.M. Mysterious 11 Jun 2021

Do you like mysteries? Do you like persons with a mysterious background? In the Bible you can read about Melchizedek, a kingly priest without records of his birth, death, father or mother etc. Thus he was a mysterious man. It is true that we do not need to know everything of one-another.


I am used to hide my emotions and feeling for other persons. And thus I make myself a mystery for them. They are only able to guess how I feel at a certain moment. They may know more when I reveal my hidden mysteries.


I often ask questions to people. And not seldom they have no idea what I am after. I have kept hidden my intention or the purpose of my unusual question. Most persons will feel mystified and uncertain to answer my question. I try to learn to disclose my mysterious intentions to persons with whom I like to communicate.


For effective communication, I need to demystify my intention. I should give people a reason.
An example. When I ask plainly, 'Can I go first or before you', most people will deny my request. Research has shown that asking, "Can I go before you because I am in a hurry", has much more chance for success.


Holy Spirit, teach me to communicate effectively. Help me to avoid being a mystery to others.

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