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I.M. Murderous 10 Jun 2021

I need to admit that by times I may kill a mosquito or a slug destroying the plants of Millet. I already feel bad about harming something which God has created.
Unfortunately there are other things I may kill even more frequently and I am hardly aware about it.

My Neighbour

1. Psychologically. When I do not acknowledge or respond to what my friends or colleagues say to me and switch over to my own story or interest.

2. Physically. When some of my eight billion neighbours have hunger and I refuse to share my excessive foods and wealth with them. One nice option is to offer them work opportunities. I ask God to open my heart.

Life Blocks

A few things where I kill opportunities in life are:
1. My refusal to act on opportunities because of fear (failure, loss of money and respect). I may get lost in doubting, the ideal food for fear and anxiety.
2. Procrastinating till the time 'I feel well' or when I am sure I can get something done 'perfectly'.


I am learning to explore my emotions by writing how I feel around things happening in my life. Next I try to explore what kind of thoughts I may entertain around those emotions.

I am used not to disclose what I feel and I realize that this is not helpful to connect to other persons.


You who command: 'Do not kill', I want to talk with you about my behaviour. I beg you for the spirit of life. Teach me how to love.

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