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I.M. Mournful 9 Jun 2021

Till now today there is not much to mourn about. It is a beautiful summer day. I already made a bicycle tour of 40 km to get my 2nd Corona vaccination. Mourning is about sadness, grief or regret. I do not consider myself as very mournful.


I can regret missed opportunities or failures. Grieving or mourning speak about feelings of sadness with a loss. It could be the death of a loved one, loss of good health or something you really had liked, e.g. a job or a car. Those examples speak about an irrecoverable loss.
When I have quarreled with a friend and our friendship has broken, I should avoid self-pity and look for ways to repair the relationship.


Does mourning have a value or meaning? Yes, it has. It makes me aware that I have valued or loved something or someone. When I can't mourn, perhaps I did not love a lot. I might be bitter and disappointed. And in some cases, e.g. after a long time struggle, I already may have done the mourning during the caring.


I believe we should mourn for a number of things. Some reasons are evident. We should mourn our sins and missed opportunities, so that we do not end with indifference. We need to feel a degree of pain. The price of not mourning is that we resist the efforts to learn new behaviour.


Jesus who says, "Blessed are those who mourn", teach me how to mourn and please stir up in me the desire to learn to do what brings life.

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