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I.M. Moody 8 Jun 2021

Seeing the complexity of my mind and of this world, no wonder I am moody by times. You can't be all times in the same mood. Most days are good. Some times I struggle.

Mood Log

Over the past weeks I have referenced to the work of Dr. David Burns. He promotes that we face our moods with honesty and care. Actually that is expressed in my words.
When I would be frequently moody and I do nothing, most probably not many things will change. Who needs to act? I. It can't be said shorter.

Self Help

Research of Dr. Burns shows that psychological self-help books can help pretty well. Forty years back he wrote a book: "Feeling Good". You can even download it (illegal?) for free as a pdf document from the Internet.
Other research show that persons who make the effort to do psycho-therapy homework recover much faster from anxiety and depressions than those who refuse.

Bringing to Rest

One purpose of the 'self-help' is to bring bad thoughts to a rest. That means that we come to realize that they are distorted and thus incorrect. Then we can replace them with more peaceful and effective thoughts.
It is easy. It brings peace. It brings freedom. What are the costs? Almost nothing, but on regular basis some of your time.
And even that you earn back, because you live more effective and joyful.


Come Holy Spirit, be the light of my body (Luke 11,34) and spread your light in all my being. Father God, I beg you to give me your Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13), my friends are waiting (Luke 11:5).

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