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I.M. Modest 7 Jun 2021

Is modest the same as humble? For me it differs quite a bit. Modest speaks about adornments and sometimes luxury. At first sight nothing is wrong with modesty, as being 'not too much'. When it is about religious controlled modesty, I struggle. The word 'control' is an indication. Presentation of a person is a form of self expression and therefore related to a persons sense of identity. Therefore it is important.
Adornments can be symbols related to group membership.


Would you expect a child to be modest? A child would not even know what modesty is.
Boys are not expected to wear jewelry, at least in the Netherlands and perhaps even in the past. Teenager boys begin to show interest in their looks. It affects their identity.
Most girls grow up with jewelries and perhaps encouragement to 'show-off'. When becoming teenagers, their presentation begins to become even more important. Modesty might be something most parents would appreciate. The girls may feel peer pressures and the influence from films and Internet.


I would like that modesty could be the expression of a beautiful heart. A peaceful heart does not need extremes. It shines. It lives. It shows care and wisdom.
Such things do not emerge from pressures and force.


Jesus, may my hearts desires bring honor to you. I also ask that the beauty of my soul can be expressed for your glory.

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