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I.M. Mocked 6 Jun 2021

"To attack or treat with ridicule, contempt, or derision", is a definition of the verb to mock. Someone else may deride me. I may attack myself. Perhaps I am disappointed with myself.

Unpleasant Truth

I have to face some inconvenient truth about myself. I may have messed up some work or a discussion with a friend or or colleague. Perhaps I failed to listen to others. I may have been criticized and perhaps been mocked. It hurts.

Smile and Forget

Incidentally I can do that. I could say something like "sorry" and having no desire to talk about what went wrong. For how long would that work or help me? One month? A day? Ten seconds?
I am not learning and the people who did mock me will not be very satisfied.

The other Cheek

OK friend, I messed it up. I did not listen well to your thoughts. I let you down. You may feel annoyed and perhaps a bit angry with me. You have all the right for that. I however value our friendship. It means a lot to me. Could we talk more about what it meant to you?


Father God, please teach me not to run away from troubles which I caused myself. Jesus, please help me to overcome my pride, fear and shame.

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