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I.M. Mobile 5 Jun 2021

When I was 12 years old I had to give a presentation. I talked about computers. My father was a computer programmer at that time. I told my classmates that a computer hardly would fit in our classroom. Times have changed. Now computers are more mobile. My cellphone is more powerful than the computer I described in my presentation by then.


When I was young I dreamed about talking to people in other countries by amateur radio. My dream originated from the time when I had never been in another country, even when we lived just at a 20 km distance from Belgium. A bicycle tour of an hour. Our family did not have a car.
By the time I was 18, many things had changed. Our family had a small car. I had visited some European countries. I had talked by amateur radio with persons of all continents in the world. Computers still were large.
When I had reached the age of 20 I had written my first computer programs. And at the age of 23 I understood how a simple computer worked. At the age of 27 I owned my first computer, an Apple II clone. Just in a 15 years life span computers had shrunk from a classroom size to desktop size.


At an age of 32 years old I never had dreamed of living in another country. And even that has changed. I got more mobile. I did not yet visit countries in Africa or South-America. ... But I made many friends coming from those continents. The mobility of mankind in this world has increased tremendously.

Price of Mobility

I will make it short. It splits families. It diverges our thinking. We have limited time to settle and stabilize.
It is somewhat unsettling. And at the same time it is a beautiful challenge. And what would be the harm when I loose some certainties? Everything is temporary.


Father God, settle me in your Kingdom and nothing less. My life is yours.

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