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I.M. Mixed-up 4 Jun 2021

You are mixed-up when you got involved with things which are bad or dangerous. Actually each of us is mixed-up with his or her life. Sometimes life evolves quicker than we like. As a result I may feel pressured.

Decision Making

I really need my time in making decisions. I like to compare possibilities. I like to work structured. I do want to have some idea what I am working at. What are my bigger goals?
I feel regularly mixed-up when there are urgent daily needs. A part of my life is in the Netherlands. A part of my life is in the Philippines at multiple locations. I feel divided by times. It is not easy to know where to focus. Traveling back and forth between Asia and Europe is hard as well.

I Feel

When I feel annoyed or angry, it is not easy to think clear. Perhaps that is feeling mixed-up. Things go faster than I like. I need to admit it. And I need to realise that my thoughts may be somewhat disorderly. Some of my thoughts need to be 'torn down' towards more fair and realistic statements.
Then, normally, I will find practical solutions and can make helpful decisions.


Father God, be with me when I feel mixed-up. I ask for guidance in a fast moving world.

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