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I.M. Misinterpreted 3 Jun 2021

Without translation I can't understand Chinese and most other languages. There are many other things in this world which I fail to comprehend without some interpretation. It is frequent that I can use some help with decoding a message properly. Often my incorrect mindset is a major problem.


When I am tired, I like to eat. I feel hungry. It could as well be that when I am hungry, I actually feel tired. After having eaten a good meal, usually a lot of my tiredness is gone.


Some computer languages are interpreted on the fly. That means that the instructions can be executed instantly. Typically languages for efficient execution are not interpreted directly, because interpretation is a slow process.
Similarly it is with languages. When I do know a language like in my case Dutch, English or German, I understand immediately what the meaning is. With other languages, I need a translation or interpretation. And that takes more time.


Sometimes I do not understand a spoken message immediately. Perhaps I am thinking about eating and I receive a message about cleaning our house. I expect a meal. I am however asked to do something else. I need to pause a moment. Then I realize that the message was not about food. My interpretation missed the mark.


I have been raised in a church where no-one was expected to respond to a reading from the bible. It is still hard for me to hear messages like:
- Love your neighbour.
- Share your food with the poor.
- When you want to worship, first reconcile with the one you quarreled with.

For some reason I fail to interpret those messages properly. I am trained to do nothing when I see a need.


Father God, teach me to interpret your word properly. I would like to know how you feel when I misinterpret your important messages.

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