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I.M. Misaligned 2 Jun 2021

So many things in life need to be aligned with all kind of requirements or laws. When I get annoyed with all the rules I like to be somewhat misaligned. I rebel. It feels good to be somewhat misaligned. I do resist authority. I am strong.


Actually small differences from a regular pattern are very normal. If the degree of misalignment grows, things become different. Beyond a certain 'fault' tolerance the parts no more fit together. Small faults are a minor problem, but bigger differences in the normal pattern cause trouble.


Over the centuries there always have been persons who do not fit very well in the normal society. With a relatively simple life, the communities could deal with a small number of problems. And the few 'misaligned' persons did not cause a lot of harm.

Global Access

With the modern technique and the widespread Internet information, nothing is anymore 'normal'. The rate of changes in our societies is so enormous that a process of slow adaptation to 'misalignments' is no more good enough.
Even worse, people like to differ and have their own identity. They go, work and live where they think they will like the life. We got a highly multi-cultural society with many misalignments, amplified by cultural differences.
We may end up with highly legalistic laws which are inhuman in the daily life.


I would desire a much more simple life style and a much higher commitment to care for one-another.
Just as a joke, it could be called Paradise or Heaven.


May Thy Kingdom Come. Holy Spirit please align us.

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