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I.M. Miraculous 1 Jun 2021

Do you like miracles? Who doesn't? The picture shows some huge vessels of wine. It is an image of abundance in Lourdes. And of course it refers to a miracle Jesus did some 2000 years ago at a wedding in Cana, Israel.


I am sure there will be some magicians on earth who can perform similar miracles. They really make a show of it. And they can do it very well. They earn an income from illusions.


The mother of Jesus asked him to help the master of the wedding ceremony. Jesus said, "It is not yet my hour", and nevertheless Jesus performed a miracle. It is not easy to deny a truly loved one a favor.

My Miracles

Does Jesus really love me? I do ask Him favors. What happens? I never lack wine in my house. I do however pay for it. I never lack food. Millet cares for it. I never lack money. I work for it.
Do you see a pattern? I do need to co-operate with the grace of God. BTW, I first had to marry to Millet. I need to do my share. But every good thing in my life comes with grace.


It is a miracle that I can trust Jesus for all the needs in my life.


Father God, I love to see your miracles in those times. Make me doing my share.

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