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Soccer Time 28 June 2020

A little boy walked to heaven's gate. He asked kindly: 'Can I have a glance in heaven? I am so curious.'
Who can deny a child a request? Saint Peter did not like the request. It was against his instructions.
To his surprise Jesus himself appeared and reminded saint Peter: 'Let the little children come to me.'
So the little boy slipped in.

Jesus asked for his name. The little boy however did not notice the question. He had already made some new friends and they were playing a soccer game. Jesus was disappointed. He was not used to being ignored. He was too lazy to join the soccer game. But after the little boy had knocked a couple of times on Jesus's shoulder, He could no longer resist and joined the match.

Jesus however was not prepared for the task. Everytime He kicked the ball, it moved in an unexpected direction. On earth Jesus had never played soccer. He was surprised to see how hard it was. And the heavenly soccer games take a time like eternity.

Halfway the match Jesus got tired. He felt very sleepy. The little boy took his hand and brought him to a quiet place. This time Jesus did not pray. He slept instantly. He had a wild dream about lost soccer matches. When Jesus shouted very loud, the little boy woke him up, saying: 'Jesus, you are really my friend.'
The little boy woke up in his earthly bed.

Afbeelding van bottomlayercz0 via Pixabay

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