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Reality and Refocus 2 June 2020

I need to face reality. The sum of simple facts.

Two Years

For two years I wrote every day an entry on my website and I enjoyed doing so.
It is easy to see that I just reaching few people with my writings.
A reason may be that my subjects are too broad and lack a clear focus and structure.

More Workers Needed

To build quality websites requires specialists and more talents than I just have alone.

Sum of This

I like to refocus in two ways:
1. I will continue to write on my own website. Perhaps a good step less regular. I like to deliver a better quality and not spend my energy where it does not produce the result I am interested in (growth towards community.)
2. I investigate starting with the help of others a new website "Towards Community". I will focus just on a simple concept where people are invited to share in small groups about their dreams and disappointments with respect to local Christian community. The idea is that we listen to one another without commenting or critisizing. The website may be implemented both in English and Dutch language.

A simple sum

A simple sum.

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