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Learn to Pray 14 June 2020

Oh God, please get me a kilo of sugar and a pound of coffee. By the way, I can buy it myself when I come home from my work and I still have a 100 Euro in my wallet. Anyway thanks for your kindness.

If I were God, I would smile. Perhaps a bit sour. Day by day hearing strange requests from humanity might leave me yawning and sleepy. I would be more attracted by what the 'sinners' are doing.


Jesus told us that he did not come for the healthy, but for the sick. Strange enough, it is 'healthy' to be imperfect. Jesus came for those. Jesus came to help with my struggles. He sent the Holy Spirit to help us. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is not good in carrying sugar and coffee.

Quiet Place

In the business of life I need quiet places. Where I can become aware of who I am and can realize what robs my peace. That is the place where I meet God, the true father. He listens. He invites me to hand over my burdens to Jesus. I need to learn to leave my burdens with Jesus. And not just to buy my 'sugar and coffee' myself after having asked God to do it.

It is true, that does not sound realistic. I however could learn, not to treat God as a fool and myself as a slave.

Coffee and sugar

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