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Learn to Pray: Pusher Disliked 22 June 2020

Nobody likes a father or God who is continuously pushing him or her. Forcing you to work, perform, love and reconcile. Therefore God has only few options. He can wait, he can manipulate the circumstances and a last option is to offer help.

Does God Manipulate?

I am not sure. I know that manipulation is a brother of abuse. It is not loving, neither respectful. It may be the Devil's shortcut. It works. It helps. But at a high price. It kills love and self-respect.

Does God wait?

God may wait till I am ready.
The world may never be ready. It is busy with escaping from pain.

God's last Resort

God invites me to accept help. Instantly the question arises: 'Am I willing to accept help, pain and hardships?'. When there are traces of willingness, God begins to help. First with love and acceptance. If we are ready, God can send more of the Holy Spirit.
God can not entrust the power of the Holy Spirit to individual persons. Our humanity easily corrupts God's holiness. God only entrust some of his power to people who live in healthy communities where transparency, accountability and teachability are honored. Perhaps humility summarizes such an attitude.

Help with Reconciliation

What am I seeking with prayer? I hope: holiness and wholeness for many. Just observing myself: often I seek quick solutions to solve pain and troubles. Wishful thinking. God seeks our hearts and souls.

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