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Learn to Pray: Heart of Prayer 21 June 2020

I am falling in love with the concept of 'reconciliation'. It could be the heart of prayer. Perhaps it is the heart of prayer. God likes to reconcile the world with Himself. And He made sacrifices for that.

To Reconcile

Just from the Internet:
- Restore friendly relations between.
- To reconcile yourself to a situation is to accept it even if it is unpleasant or painful.
- When two people are reconciled, they become friendly again after they have argued.
- to make consistent or congruous.

It is always with respect for two parties. For a better outcome. It is never at the cost of one single party.

My Sacrifice

God made sacrifices for the damaged relationship with me. What sacrifice can I offer God out of love, to support reconciliation of some thing(s) in this world? How can I contribute to repair, healing and reconciliation? I expect: 'built community'. I takes sacrifice. Just as parents make sacrifices for their children.

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Heart of Prayer
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