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Learn to Pray: Reconciliation 19 June 2020

Did you ever try to make up a broken relationship? It is not easy. I may feel hurt, guilty, ashamed, silly, annoyed and angry. The words flowing out of my mouth reflect my pain.

I may have hurt neighbours, fellow believers, family members, colleagues, foreigners, authorities. In short, I am not blameless.

My family may have offended similarly in the past and now. My community may have disappointed many. My church has hurt people from other religions. My country may have collected wealth from poor nations and from slavery.


When this little (as the bible story tells us) man met Jesus he sought reconciliation with the people whom he had maltreated. I refuse to believe that Zaccheaus was a totally bad man before he met Jesus. Once he met the love of Jesus, he opened his heart.

Prayer and Reconciliation

It is the 'will of the Father' that we seek reconciliation. We are called to be peace bringers. We are called into the work of healing relationships.

In need for Jesus

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