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Learn to Pray: Mystery 18 June 2020

Detectives are sometimes called mysteries. We love the mysteries behind murders. We like to see the mystery of death unraveled. Most death cases in the movies are brutal violence. Frequently about financial gain or jealousy. The mysteries are solved by a teams of investigators, detectives.


Scientists like to unravel the mysteries of nature. Some scientists like to unravel how life came into existence. It may be lifelong work of cooperating with colleagues.

The mystery of Prayer

God may speak in mysterious ways. He spoke to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the prophets. Some persons had god-inspired dreams.

The modern 'Internet'-god does not speak in mysteries. He only says: 'I love you'. That is the modern 'New Age'. There is no mystery at all.

The God of mysteries sets challenges before us. He calls us. Into unknown countries and explorations. Abraham was called. Moses was called. Israel was called. The prophets were called. Jesus was called and given a mission.


When you seek to pray, I invite you to listen to the mysterious voice which calls you into a mission of life. The loving voice that sets before you a challenge, a task to improve life. Normally your task will lead you into meaningful relationships.

My Experience

In prayer, the father who told me about his love for me, asked me to 'build community', 'say sorry', 'help in my parish', 'live in foreign countries' and to 'give to the poor'.

It is easier to watch a 'mystery of death' than to seek the 'mystery of life'.

Me with a face mask

Mystery Man.

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