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Learn to Pray: Reverence 17 June 2020

Once upon a time there was devout man. He prayed long hours. He looked very holy. You never heard him screaming. Let's not even think about cursing.
No one knew however his name. He had no friends. Actually everyone was afraid of him. No one dared to talk to him. When he died no one had a good memory of him.

False Holiness

At first glance nothing is wrong with devotion and reverence. Respect is a good thing. There is no problem with caring love.
There is however a kind of religious acting which is empty or hypocritical.

Perhaps it is therefore that devout expressions are easily mistrusted. The outer shell looks nice. The inner side is empty and or wounded.

True Devotion

True devotion loves the people around. True devotion spreads blessing, peace and joy. Emptiness is powerless and meaningless.


What shall I pray? That I may be filled with love and may learn how to spread love. That is the 'will of the Father'.

I may confess what hinders me. Without fear for rejection. God understands my frustration. Be patient with your struggles. Take time to 'let it be'.
Be yourself and make yourself known to God. Let him be a friend.


I forgot to close my eyes.

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