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Learn to Pray 3: Not too Spicy. 16 June 2020

When I cook a dish and use all the spices from our cupboard, I am sure that my dish will be totally messed up. Using a few spices is fine, too many confuses.

If I mix-up my prayer with too many details, I will get confused myself. I need to choose what kind of prayer I am offering God.


A meal may start with an appetizer. Something tasty but not so big that I will no more enjoy the main course and dessert. The prayer appetizer could be a song. Or an act where I slow down from my business and try to focus my thoughts on the God who already waits for me.

Main Coarse

I may explain how I feel and speak about things that bother me today. I may ask for grace on the work of my hands. I may ask for grace with the people around me. I may ask the Holy Spirit to remind me to some other important needs.


Also called the sweets. Take some time to find peace. Let the grace of God rest on you. Ask for fresh energy and new thoughts for the hours to follow your prayer. Thank God for being a partner with you.

Simple, not too Spicy

Seek a pleasant and joyful experience. Whatever you pray, try to do it with patience and peace. Do not make the prayer too spicy. Seek for a pleasant taste.

Spices in our kitchen

Millet's Kitchen

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