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Learn to Pray 2 15 June 2020

Would a wooden toy plane ever fly? Sure enough in the experience of a child it may fly. The child will take it in his hands and let it move. With prayer, it may be similar. When I try as a beginner it may be hard. We all like our prayers to get somewhere, to take off.


Being honest I dislike to use prayer just as a wooden toy. God invites us to prayer. Simple prayers are welcome. I dream that my prayers soar as an eagle. Without an upward airflow (lift) an eagle will not get very high. As Rom. 8:26+27 expresses, the Holy Spirit likes to help us with praying.

Prayer is spiritual. The Holy Spirit is received through baptism and desire of the receiver. John 3:2 says: 'In all truth I say to you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.' My (own) spirit needs to be born from above. I need to believe in the gift of the Spirit. I need to accept the gift of the Spirit.

Wooden Spirit

Especially for Catholics: you must believe that you have received the Spirit. The Holy Spirit may feel like a wooden toy plane. Please do play with this instrument of God's love. Ask God for his 'lift' under the wings. And dream that your spirit will fly as an eagle. Be courageous.

A toy plane takes off

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