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Learning Community 13 June 2020

Learning to be a responsible part of community is a process. Parents play a role. Schools may play a role. Despite good willing people around us, it is not automatic that we love to be a responsible community member.

Ways to Learn

1. A school is a place, dedicated to teach (young) people all kind of knowledge. Schools connect to students for a serious part of their week schedule. A school is a very effective place to learn knowledge and skills.
2. Adult education may work well with a master/disciple relationships. A disciple imitates the master. Usually a lot of practice is involved.
3. We can read books. Often we lack practice.


Without practical use of learned knowledge, it remains abstract. Typically we do not understand our knowledge in depth. We may mistrust or ignore our knowledge.

School of (Christian) Community

This is simply a place where dedicated students can be assisted in learning all that is needed to become mature (Christian) community members. The students will be given opportunity to practice.
It could be a full time school, a parish based weekend school or evening classes. Where students are not allowed to practice, the school is useless and utterly meaningless.

Learning Without Practice

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