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Smiling with Failure 11 June 2020

I came home with a smile this evening. I had worked hard to fix a failure with an email application in a computer. I had failed. And I was thankful with the result.

Responsible with Failure

I had made my efforts. I had used the appropriate repair tools and they all failed.
I had checked Google search for information and did not find useful things.
Then I tried the chatbox of the supplier. They required a supplier account. That messed up the account of the computer I wanted to repair but did not connect to a chatbox.
When I ran out of repair options I reinstalled the full office application. Of course in vain. And of course that messed up even more items in the computer.

Failed and Recovering

Thus I had failed and messed up the computer of a very busy person.
Nevertheless I had acted responsible. I did not blame others. I smiled.
Tomorrow morning I will ask the owner if I can remove all email accounts with (lost) information and configure the email system afresh. Let us hope that all data is stored on the email server.

simple smile

Struggling with taking a selfie.

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