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Disappointment 4 June 2020

"Have you ever been disappointed?"
Interestingly this question is frequently answered with denial: "No never."


Obviously everyone has experienced disappointments. Were it just by a rainy day with our long anticipated outing. Perhaps we deny things that hurt. We refuse to face and feel the pain. We may be afraid to hurt others. We may be afraid for being ridiculed by others. We may have a low self-image.

Disappointed by?

Usually we are hurt by the people or communities most nearby.

How many people have been disappointed by God?
How many persons have been hurt by the church?
Who has never been annoyed with a parent or a close relative?
What about friends, neighbours, colleagues?


When I refuse myself to have dreams and good expectations, I prevent myself for many disappointments. If that is the case, I am a person without hope and faith. Most probably I also will be poor in love.


I beg you: please do have the courage to face your disappointments. It is needed for all mature persons. We should be persons of faith, hope and love.

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