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Clerical 26 June 2020

Some words are confusing. Clerical is a good example. A problem is that the word can apply to administrative tasks or to priestly 'tasks'. In Dutch language 'klerikaal' has a meaning where the priest 'owns' all the tasks in a parish. He may trust no one or only other priests. In other words, he does not know how to delegate tasks and knows even less how to develop talents and gifts-of-the-spirit of lay people. Actually it is disorderly behaviour. It often leads to burn-out. It disrespects laity. It is not loving.

Not Clerical

Most priests feel they are not clerical. Isn't that strange? They however feel responsible for the parish. They define the 'vision' and 'mission' of the parish. They may lack communication skills to explain the vision and mission (accompanied with the why's) to the parish.
Till now I never saw a parish with a plan how to develop the gifts of the Spirit of anyone (including priests themselves).


My prayer today is: 'Father God, please guide us into a proper understanding and definition of clerical. Set us free. Help us to forgive. Thanks a lot.'

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