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Clerical II 27 June 2020

No priest would be offended if he were compared to Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate shepherd. He is the ultimate High Priest. Did Jesus come to exercise his power? He was more the lamb without blemish.

Intimate Circle

Jesus related most of his time to his family. It may be assumed that He worked and prayed. Ora et Labora. In his public ministry some women cared for Him. And He had disciples. Furthermore he visited the houses of 'sinners'.


Jesus was said to teach with authority. He healed the sick. He discussed with the scribes and Pharisees.

If I were a Priest

I admire in Jesus that He knew the will of the Father. I would beg Jesus to have mercy with the sheep entrusted to me. I would ask Jesus about the needs of my sheep. What is the will of the Father for my sheep. Each one individual. Does that sound clerical?

If 1000 sheep is too much for me, I could ask Jesus to show me 12 sheep to make a start with.

Not Clerical?

I am not a priest. No, I am not clerical. ... Beg you pardon! I am called to imitate Jesus. I am called to love my neighbour. I am called to assist in reconciling people to God.

Prayer to Holy Spirit

Dear God Holy Spirit, please clarify and confirm my mission in life. Help me to take my place in my parish. Help me to find a dozen of people with whom I can grow in participating in the 'clerical' ministry, the imitation of Christ.

Note: I do not expect to administer sacraments, but surely the love of Jesus.

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