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Slowdown 26 Jun 2019

In a school-zone we are reminded and even required to slow down. As far as it depends on me, I do not like to slowdown. Yesterday I read psalm 131. I was and am prompted to lower my expectations and to enjoy more God's love. I am invited to prayer and to put my hope in Him who holds eternal life.

Psalm 131 [Song of Ascents]

1 Yahweh, my heart is not haughty,
I do not set my sights too high.
I have taken no part in great affairs,
in wonders beyond my scope.
2 No, I hold myself in quiet and silence,
like a little child in its mother's arms,
like a little child, so I keep myself.
3 Let Israel hope in Yahweh henceforth and for ever.

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School Zone: Slow Down

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