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Reality 27 Jun 2019

The reality is the year 2007 and the city of Hsinchu in Taiwan. I am 12 years younger than today. It is the top of a mountain (hill). A place where typically Gods are worshipped. The municipality of Hsinchu can serve you water in three different temperatures. Icecold, normal and 100 degrees boiling for your Instant noodles at you picnic. In the USA the municipality would have been persecuted for serving water that can burn your skin.


Is God a Reality? Does God answer my prayers?

Those may be annoying questions for both believers and unbelievers. As far as it depends on me, God is not required to answer all of my prayer requests. Some of my requests may even be silly.

If God however is not a deep reality for me and as such reflected in my daily life, I would feel betrayed. It is true, my neighbours and colleagues at work might say that I betray God by not showing His image in my daily life.

It may be a reality that my life reflects very little of God. I however do invite Him to change my heart: to fill me with His love, kindness and generosity. And I take time to worship Him. To set my mind on Him. To be filled with His presence.

A taiwanese Water Station at the top of a hill.

Taiwanese Water Serving Station.

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