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Obstacle 5 Jun 2019

Yesterday evening we had a heavy thunderstorm. The ravage to the trees in the city of Eindhoven was enormous. Almost all trees had torn of branches. Perhaps 5% of all trees had been blown over. The damage to the trees was larger than I had seen with a typhoon which had hit Manila (Philippines). The road to the entrance of my work was blocked.


What would be obstacles in making progress in my life? In other words, what are my enemies?

During the thunderstorm I was reading 2 Sam 7, 4-17, Nathan's prophecy. Around this story I observed that David dealt with his enemies. He conquered the physical enemies from the nations around Israel, he dealt in prayer with his political enemies in his own country and he dealt with enemies in his spiritual life.

Therefore David found peace, shalom and God's grace could work on him.

Dealing with enemies

Do I have enemies? What are the plans of my enemies? Jesus says: Bless your enemy, do not hate. That does not mean that we should allow our enemies to damage us. We should defend ourselves against an enemy. Usually enemies treated with respect and wisdom, shy away. Or even better, they can become allies.

blocked foot-path

Obstacles at the Road.

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