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Boxtel 30 Jun 2019

Yesterday our parish went to Boxtel for a Pilgrimage. Some people walked the 25 kilometers, some went by bicycle and most went by a bus. I was with the lazy ones.
Around the year 1380 a blood miracle happened in the, at that time, simple church. Over the centuries, the blood miracle drew many pilgrims and a nice basilica has been built.
During the reformation time, the two affected blood stained altar cloths had been transported to Belgium, Hoogstraten.

A quarrel settled

Around 1850 Catholic worship was restored in the southern part of the Netherlands. The people in Boxtel felt that the two altar clothes still in Hoogtraten, belonged to Boxtel. Many times they requested them back. Hoogstraten refused on and on. And it appeared impossible to settle the conflict.
Finally around 1920 someone came with the briljant idea to have one of the blood stained altar cloths in Hoogstraten and the other in Boxtel. And fortunately that was accepted.


Nowadays it is very seldom that a pilgrimage is organised to Boxtel's blood miracle and the beautiful Basilica. The parish in Boxtel received our parish with great kindness and love. We felt so much blessed and are very thankful.

Boxtel Basilica

The Basilica of the Blood Miracle.

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