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Beans 25 Jun 2019

My favorite beans are coffee beans in roasted condition. Actually I do like many other kinds of beans, e.g. vegetables. The coffee beans itself hardly do attract me. When ground they still do not attract me. It is only when hot water penetrates the ground coffee, that the interesting thing comes into existence. A nice black coffee. And even then I need to add creamer before I really like the result. It is quite a process until coffee beans grow till the product that I like.


Am I in a suitable shape so that God can use me for His plan?

Aaahhh, my reader may assume that I need to be holy. I should. God however can not wait for the time that I will be perfect.

God however must wait until the time that I make myself available. I can ask God, God, please bring on my path today some small things that I can do out of love.

And because God is a father, He will hear my prayer and answer it smilingly.

coffee beans

Coffee Machine Top View

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