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The Holy pastor of Ars 15 Jun 2019


Is the patron Saint of the Catholic Parishes. Yesterday we had the honor to visit the village where he had ministered most of his life. His presence in the village totally transformed many lives. Even during his life time hundreds of thousands of pilgrims came to Ars to confess their sins.

Why confession?

I know from my own life the freedom I felt after having confessed the sins of 20 years normal life. I was even glad that some other person could know my sins. I do not like it when others around can not know a part of me. Actiually starting to confess my sins after many years not having done so, opened doors for many more new things in my life. The general confessions (a long, long list of all that I knew) that I did at the age of 33 brought great joy in my heart.


The remainders of Saint Jean-Marie Vianney

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